Ice Maker (AC-150)

  • Model No.: AC-150
  • Ice Shape: Square
  • Ice cube size: 23x23x23
  • Ice weight: 10g
  • Ice production capacity: 65kgs/24hr
  • Storage capacity: 20kgs
  • Cooling type: air cool / water cool
  • Rate Input: 220V/520W (10A)
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Dimension: 530x570x830mm
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  • The water product performs 10% better then similar product.
  • Using of advanced technology to reduce more then 15% noise.
  • Superposed air filtration device, easy to clean, can prolong the service life of machine
  • Using high quality stainless steel and ABS engineering plastic, modeling beautiful, strong and use.
  • Food grade Ice maker, certified by European authority.
  • Automatic alarm system, water and power automatic detection, automatic recovery. Dehydration voice remind to avoid ice using-up.
  • Environmental protection, energy saving with everything, R404A environmental protection refrigerants, make ice more health, environmental protection. Using advanced technology to maximize the lowest energy consumption accounting of ice, reduce operating costs.
  • HISAKAGE vertical evaporator using chemical nickel plating, the solid coating can resist water and the erosion of equipment for a long time, and can improve the efficiency of ice.